Adam Smyth

Adam is a positive, highly motivated and multi skilled Physiotherapist who has a great interest in musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries.

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In December 2009 my personal trainer recommended me to get a massage from Adam Smyth, at Wellbeing Sports Massage, after constant complaining about my bad knees, lower back and neck issues. After my first massage, I walked away thinking – “that was the best massage I’ve ever had”.  For more than 15 years I’ve seen Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrist and Acupuncture; you name it, I’ve tried it. Since seeing Adam, I’ve never looked back, my body feels free from constant daily pain. I’ve found Adam to be extremely professional, friendly, caring and remarkably talented at his profession. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam to my friends and colleagues. I wish Adam a wonderful and successful career in Sports Massage and Physiotherapy.
Nataleigh Green
Adam has the gift, an amazing sports massage therapist!! Although at times the pain (really good pain) was unbearable, I felt fabulous after it. Adam has my massive stamp of approval.
Krissy Brain
I was referred to Wellbeing Sports Massage 2 years ago after my Soccer Coach told me that if I didn’t get my body fixed, I wouldn’t have long to play for the team.  I had a lot of niggling injuries from Soccer that took several days to recover from, and was affecting my day job as a builder.  Regular sessions with Adam have meant better movement and shorter recovery times after games and training.  And whilst I am getting slower, the team has commented on how much better my game is.  At 37 I am still playing first grade, putting in a full weeks work, and have no plans to slow down.
A re-occurring injury had seen me suffer from a prolapsed disc in my back.  The administrative work that I do, coupled with over training, has meant that I often suffer from bad back pain, and the sleepless nights that go with it.  After a couple of sessions with Adam, I defiantly noticed a difference.  I found his approach to be professional and unique, as he had a holistic approach to my problem, not just focussing on my injury.  Thanks to his treatment, I am able to enjoy a fuller life that is relatively pain free.  I still see Adam as a preventative measure, to avoid re-occurrence of my injury.  I would recommend him to anyone who wants to live a happier, pain free existence.
Kelly - Mona Vale

Sarah Fletcher

Sarah is a competitive Triathlete and is the top of her age group in Australia, and one of the top 5 women in the country. She has competed for NSW, Australia and at the World Championships.

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Sarah has helped me understand my body and how much it needs to be looked after. She has second to none knowledge and experience in treating athletes of all capabilities. Being an athlete herself she not only relates to you on a conversational level, but can have you back in training fast by getting straight to the problem areas, whether it be muscle release or neglected muscle groups lacking strength. Sarah practices with an air of relaxed professionalism of which I cannot speak more highly of. If your goal is getting to races in prime shape or just ensuring all is in working order then you need look any further.
Alex Dunn
I have been going to Sarah Fletcher for remedial massage for the past 3 years.  I have found Sarah to be very knowledgeable and up to date in her subject, and she continues to refresh and add to her knowledge through on-going education.  She is both very pleasant and fully professional in her approach to her work.  In addition, the fact that Sarah is an athlete at a high level means that she understands the needs and problems encountered by other athletes (I am a marathon runner), and so she helps to keep me running.  I am happy to recommend Sarah to anyone in need of remedial massage.
Richard Magee

Sarah is extremely knowledgeable, and a highly trained therapist.

A massage from Sarah is completely different compared to one from a person who has little or no understanding of anatomy. She is able to provide me with a wide range of benefits from healing injuries to relaxing pre-race massages.

I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe with her.

I can finally stop hunting around for a massage therapist I trust!

Kylie Johnson
Prior to any race I always make a time with Sarah. She relieves any discomforts and I always leave feeling relaxed.
Catherine Thatcher
’Being an athlete herself she know where and how much pressure to apply.
Nicole Ward

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