Foam Rollers

The Foam roller

Foam Rollers are used in gyms, fitness centres, Personal training studios and is also a must have tool for the home.The foam roller is used for Foam Rolling; which is a technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists. The way the body stretches over the foam roller improves soft tissue extensibility which relaxes the muscle. The foam roller can also be used for stability exercises. The Foam roller can be used as a platform for squats, press-ups and a variety of exercises that require core strength.

Foam Roller (Size: 100cm x 15cm dia): $55.00
Massage and Foam Roller: $130

What is foam rolling?

  • Foam rollingis a self-myofascial (fascia) and muscle release technique used by athletes and physical therapists to aid in recovery of tight and overactive muscles – ‘knots’.
  • Fascia is a band or sheet ofconnective tissue beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs
  • Think of foam rolling as ironing out the wrinkles in your muscles, helping to break up adhesions, scar tissue and lengthen and relax your muscles. A great benefit that comes from this is increased nerve and blood supply which in turn can speed up recovery and improve your workout

How do I use a foam roller?

  • Once you find a sore spot, roll slightly back off the pain until it is only about 50% of the maximum soreness you felt
  • Hold here for about 30 seconds, or until you feel the pain and/or tightness settle
  • Roll back off the spot for about 10 seconds and then roll back onto it
  • You should find after a few goes, you are able to roll right over the initial sore point without any tenderness
  • Using the roller regularly over a few weeks can really help you self manage small issues

Can foam rolling be painful?

  • Short answer is yes….. especially when first starting to use it, it can be quite uncomfortable
  • When you add pressure to an overactive muscle, it can feel painful
  • It is ok to feel this pain as long as you don’t exceed your own tolerance levels

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